Kelunik\Acme\Registration class Registration

ACME registration object.






__construct — public function __construct(string $location, array $contact = [], string|null $agreement = null, string $authorizations = null, string $certificates = null)

Registration constructor.

Type Parameter Description Default Value
string $location URI of the registration object none
array $contact all contacts registered with the server []
string|null $agreement URI to the agreement, if agreed null
string $authorizations URI to retrieve authorizations null
string $certificates URI to retrieve certificates null
getLocation — public function getLocation(): string

Gets the location URI.

getContact — public function getContact(): array

Gets the contact addresses.

getAgreement — public function getAgreement(): null|string

Gets the agreement URI.

getAuthorizations — public function getAuthorizations(): null|string

Gets the authorizations URI.

getCertificates — public function getCertificates(): null|string

Gets the certificates URI.